This is the story of two friends who met in Maui, bonded over shared goals and love of community, and moved their families to Bend on the same day.

Fix & Repeat owners, Leila and Kristin, enjoying a cold-pressed juice and plant-based meal at the restuarant

That was the beginning of the new era of Fix & Repeat. When Leila and Kristen discovered the restaurant, they were struck by the light-filled space, delicious vegan eats, and friendly staff. They knew it was something special and would be the perfect next step for putting down roots in a town that had called to them both.


The two purchased Fix & Repeat from its original owners, Mat and Tiff. Their intention was to carry on the greatness the founders had created while bringing their own special touches into the mix. Our team still artfully prepares and presents delicious, plant-based foods that are good for our customers and good for the planet—the concept of “fueled food” that started with Fix & Repeat. And, with our Maui meets Bend flair, we’re able to incorporate a sense of community that extends beyond our shop and into the greater community.


To fix our customers’ health, the planet, and the community around us through delicious, plant-based food.

In other words: To eat well, do good, fix & repeat.


You might wonder why a vegan restaurant chose a Rhino as our mascot and logo; we’d love to tell you! Rhinos are the second-largest plant-based animals in the world. Yup, despite their fierce looks, these massive mammals are pretty non-confrontational and prefer to eat their plants in peace. The ones that live in herds are highly protective of each other and, because they’re herbivores, their ecosystems rely on their grazing to boost biodiversity.

Like the rhino, plant-based eaters understand the impact we have on the environment around us. We’re resilient and have remained a strong presence despite negative external factors (poaching for rhinos, pandemic for us). Most of all, we fiercely hold to our values and defend our community!

A statue of the Fix & Repeat rhino next to a glass of cold-pressed juice with the  Fix & Repeat logo



The boss babes bringing Fix & Repeat to the next level.

An artistic photo of Fix & Repeat owner, Leila

Hi, I’m Leila

Ever since Kristen and I were first introduced to Fix & Repeat and its original owners, we were hooked. We knew right away that we wanted to keep the original mission, but take this incredible restaurant to the next level. I have extensive experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors managing people, product development, and sales, so Fix & Repeat felt like a natural fit. It’s also my happy place.

You’ll find me in the shop every morning, bright and early, prepping for the day and juicing. I love to interact with our clientele (the best in the world!) and our wonderful staff—most of whom have been with us from the beginning and make our restaurant what it is. Not to mention that I’m endlessly proud of the incredible planet-friendly food we serve up to community members and visitors alike. I can’t wait to see you when you stop in!

An artistic photo of Fix & Repeat owner, Kristin

Hi, I’m Kristen

After Leila and I met and became friends in Maui, we thought it’d be a great idea to go into business together—especially with her background in entrepreneurship and mine in accounting. And, when we discovered FIx & Repeat, there was instant magic. As a licensed CPA, I love numbers and you can often find me crunching them for the business. But a typical day at the store includes everything from making food to problem-solving when there’s an issue.

I’m constantly inspired and motivated by our incredible staff and clientele and strive to create the best environment for them every single day. As we continue to grow our mission at Fix & Repeat, we’re staying focused on creating beautiful, healthy food, helping our community, and striving to fix the planet. We’re so grateful for your support!